Race Against Time Vulpimancer

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Omniverse Vulpimancer

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Ultimate Alien Vulpimancer

Vital statistics
Homeworld Vulpin
Powers Enhanced strength
Great sense of smell
Powerful bite
Body Type Canine
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Vulpimancers are a species of dog-like aliens from the planet Vulpin


Vulpimancers have a dog-like body, with powerful front legs and smaller hind legs. Their fur color ranges from white to orange to red. Some have stripes going down their body, and some have tails. Their mouth shape varies; some have human-like mouths with thick lips, while others have more wrinkled, lipless mouths. They all have gill-like nostrils on their neck that they use to see. They don't have eyes.


Despite not having eyes, a Vulpimancer's sense of smell is very powerful, making them good trackers. They are quite strong, agile, and durable. Their jaws are very strong, giving them a powerful bite.

Notable Vulpimancers


  • when a vulpimancer gets a cold, their nostrils get clogged up with green mucus,their fingernails look brown and dirty, and they are paler than usual.