Vital statistics
Homeworld Khoros
Powers Super strength
Enhanced durability
Enhanced agility
Powerful jump
Sonic clap
Body Type Four-Arms Humanoid
First Appearance Washington BC

Tetramands are a species of four-armed humanoids from the planet Khoros.


Tetramands are tall humanoids with red skin. They have four eyes and black stripes on their heads and chins. They are very muscular and have four arms. Their feet have two pointed toes. Their arms have spikes on the sides.


Tetramands are incredibly strong. This strength makes them powerful hand-to-hand fighters, as well as giving them the ability to jump very high and far and perform a "sonic clap" that produces an energy beam. Tetramands are extremely durable and agile as well.

Ben 10

One of Ben's alien forms, Four Arms, is a Tetramand.

In The Galactic Enforcers, a Tetramand superhero named Tini appeared as part of the Galactic Enforcers. The team was tracking down Sixsix and Vulkanus, which brought them to Earth.

Alternate Future

In Ben 10,000, Tini appears again, still as a Galactic Enforcer. She is defeated by Dr. Animo. Future Four Arms also appears.

Notable Tetramands




For Four Arms's appearances, see Four Arms.

Ben 10