Sumo Slammers is a large TV franchise in Ben 10 that Ben Tennyson takes an interest in. 

Card Game

Their are so far only three different types of cards.


  • The most common type of card.
  • First seen in Washington B.C.


  • The second most common type of card.
  • First seen in Washington B.C.



ben seeing Sumo Slammers 3D

  • The rarest type of card.

In Washington B.C. Ben tries to get this card throughout the episode. First he sees a little boy holding it while he is Heatblast. He later uses Grey Matter to look in all the cereal boxes to find the card, but when he finally finds it he gets caught and doesn't end up taking it home. Later Stinkfly sees the card but decides not to get it because he wants to save Dr. Kelly instead.

Video Game

Sumo Slammers has many different kinds of video games. In Kevin 11, Ben 


Sumo Slammers video game

uses Ghostfreak to sneak into an arcade and play a Sumo Slammers video game that has not been released yet. Later in the episode Kevin Levin takes Ben to a warehouse with shippings of a new Sumo Slammers video game, but Ben doesn't get to play it.


In Vengeance Of Vilgax, it was revealed that a new Sumo Slammers movie is coming out. In Duped, Ben watched a 3D Sumo Slammers movie.