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The Rust Bucket is Max Tennyson's RV which is used alot throughout Ben 10 youza

better than kevin s car


The Rust Bucket looks like a normal sized beat up RV. There are lots of different technology hidden in the vehicle. The RV is a tanish color with red and blue stripes..

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Ben 10

Inside of the Rust Bucket is one of the main scenes of Ben 10 as they all usually sleep inside of it and are seen driving to other locations within it. It is mainly used for transportation until The Visitor when one of Vilgax's Drones merges itself with the Rust Bucket becoming a destroying machine. After Upchuck eats parts of the Rust Bucket to destroy it, he later turns into Diamondhead to help rebuild it back to normal.

Team Echo

The Rust Bucket has been cammendeered by Team Echo as it helps the gang defeat the evil people. woot


Ben 10

  • All episodes


  • By Alien Force, the RV was destoryed and Max bought the Rust Bucket 2.