Omnipedia v10
Vital statistics
Homeworld Pyros
Powers Pyrokinesis
Enhanced strength
Enhanced durability
Heat resistance
Body Type Humanoid
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Pyronites are a species of fiery humanoid aliens from the star Pyros.


Pyronites are humanoids made of fire. They are covered in red rocks all over their body that end at their hands and feet. They have large hands and two toes on each foot. Their heads are on fire and covered by a mask-like rock with two round eyes and a mouth.


Pyronites can control fire. They can shoot it, absorb it, and not be harmed by it. Pyronites can also fly with or without the aid of a rock. When they get sick, they shoot ice instead of fire. They have control over rocks or at least volcanic rock.


Pyronites cannot use their powers if subjected to to much water, ice, or other fire retardants. This has not been shown to be fatal, but does keep pyronites from using their powers to their full potential.

Pyronites Worth Noting


  • When pyronites get colds their flames turn cyan blue and they gain cryokinesis and ice sneezes.