Vital statistics
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers Skilled Weapon User
Body Type Humanoid
Voice Robert Patrick
First Appearance Truth
Phil is an old plumber who betrayed Max and Ben. 


Ben 10

Phil looks like a middle aged man wearing a dark blue old plumber suit. He has black and grey hair with scars on his face. 

Phil in the original series

Ben 10: Omniverse

Phil has aged a lot. He now has a super long beard.


Back in the day while Phil was still a plumber, he and Max were close friends who teamed up to stop and defeat Vilgax. As their mission was a success they ended up not seeing eachother long after that due to Max retiring.

Ben 10

Phil appears in Truth, where he appears to still be a plumber. He now uses the null void projector to unleash different aliens to create panic so people would give him money to solve their alien problems. Later while making profit, he runs into his friend Max Tennyson and his grandchildren. He then hides his scams by saying its been a weird coincidence with all the alien attacks lately. Later he finds out that Ben now wears the Omnitrix and he tried to get Ben and Max to restart the plumbers and be an unstopable team. He notices that Max finds Phil suspicious and he later attacks Max by summoning another alien. When Ben realized that Phil isnt such a nice guy he goes after them. Phil then runs away from Max and drives awya in his car leaving them to die. However, he did not realize that Gwen has been hiding in his car and she then attacks Phil. When Ben comes to help Gwen they both are able to use the null void projector sending Phil into the Null Void for a long time.

Ben 10: Omniverse

Phil reappears in Of Predators And Prey: Part 1. Khyber had captured Phil from the Null Void and he used him as a test model for the Nemetrix. However, Phil failed to Khyber decided to use his pet.