Omnipedia v10
Mutant Mammoth
Vital statistics
Species Wooly Mammoth
Homeworld Earth
Powers Enhanced Strength
Body Type Elephant
Voice N/A
First Appearance Washington B.C.

The Mutant Mammoth was a mammoth resurrected and mutated by Dr. Animo.


It is a large green mammoth with glowing red eyes. It also has two very long, sharp husks.


Being a mammoth, it can use its size to knock out almost anything if it charges. Also it can use its sharp tusks to attack people.

Ben 10

In Washington B.C.,? Dr. Animo went to the Museum of Natural History and found the mammoth's bones. He used his Transmodulator on it and brought it to life to serve him. The Mammoth helped Dr. Animo by attacking Four Arms. After a short battle, Four Arms defeated the mammoth. After Animo's tranmodulator was destroyed the mammoth was turned back into a dead animal.