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Mutant Frog
Vital statistics
Species Frog
Homeworld Earth
Powers Powerful jumps
Sticky tongue
Body Type Frog
Voice N/A
First Appearance Washington B.C.
Mutant Frog 005.png

The Mutant Frog is a mutant animal controlled by Dr. Animo who first appears in Washington B.C.


The frog resembles a normal frog, only larger.


The mutant frog can jump extremely high. It also has a very long, sticky tongue, which it used against Dr. Kelly.

Ben 10

The mutant frog was Dr. Animo's first animal mutation who appeared in Washington B.C. Dr. Animo mutated the frog and used it to avoid paying his rent. Animo then rode the frog to a heist of M-Mart. The frog then battled against Dr. Kelly and was returned back to normal after the Transmodulator was destroyed. 

The frog made another appearance in Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray where he rides Dr. Animo into a camp and starts attacking Ben. Ben then turns into Stink Arms and starts to fight with the frog. Before he can defeat the frog, Animo calls it over and they both run away. He later appears to fight against Ben, Max, and Gwen at Animos lair. Ben turns into Heatjaws to fight against the frog and the heatbat. After a long battle Heat Jaws is eventually able to defeat the frog drowning him in the water.

In Destroy All Aliens he appeared at the end giving Animo a ride next to all of his other mutant animals threatening to attack Bellwood.

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

The mutant frog returns in It's Not Easy Being Gwen. He now has a mind control helmet and there are more of him as Dr. Animo has mutated multiple frogs. First he is seen giving Animo a ride until he is stopped by Big Chill. He then frees himself and jumps away. Later he is seen outside of Gwen's house fighting against Jetray and Kevin. Multiple mutant frogs are later seen at the planetarrium with Dr. Animo as they fight against Cannonbolt, Gwen, and Kevin. Eventually Ultimate Cannonbolt shows up and defeats all of the frogs along with Dr. Animo.

Ben 10: Omniverse

The Mutated frog makes a camero appearance in a flashback in It Was Them. He was seen laying on the ground with Dr. Animo as Ben must have defeated him. 


Ben 10