Mutant Bird
Vital statistics
Species Bird
Homeworld Earth
Powers Flight
Enhanced strength
Body Type Bird
Voice N/A
First Appearance Washington B.C.
The Mutant Bird was a bird that was mutated by Dr. Animo


It looks like a bird, only huge. It has grey feathers with yellow on its head and tail. It has a large beak and red eyes.


As it is a bird, it can fly. It also has great strength, as demonstrated when it flew away carrying Gwen.

Ben 10

The bird was just a normal bird in a store when it was mutated by Dr. Animo. It fought Ben Tennyson before

The Bird before it was mutated

kidnapping Gwen Tennyson and absconding with her. It carried her to a monument. Ben was able to rescue her. Later, the bird was returned to normal.


Ben 10