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Vital statistics
Homeworld Nosedeen Quasar
Powers Electrokinesis
Transform into electricity
Body Type Battery
First Appearance Tourist Trap

Megawhatts, or Nosedeenian, are small aliens from the Nosedeen Quasar. They enjoy pranking.


Ben 10

Megawhatts are small black creatures with a cylindrical body shape. They have three fingers per hand and nubs for legs. They also have large yellow eyes, chests, and a yellow spot on their heads.

Omniverse Megawatts on the loose

Powers And Abilities

Megawhatts have electrical powers. They can canotrol any electric device. With the power of electricity, they can clone themseleves. Despite their size, they are very strong. One megawhatt was able to lift Max .

Ben 10

Omnivverse captive Megawatts

In Tourist Trap, a group of Megawhatts appeared, contained inside of a giant rubber band ball. When Ben freed them, they started wreaking havoc on the town of Sparksville and pulling pranks. They were finally defeated by being placed inside of the world's largest fishbowl, transforming it into a lightbulb.

Notable Megawhatts

  • Buzzshock (The DNA sample of a Megawhatt)
  • Sparksville Megawhatts


Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse

  • A Jolt From The Past