Omnipedia v10
Lt. Steel
Vital statistics
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers Skilled Fighter

Armor Weapons

Body Type Humanoid
Voice Michael Gough
First Appearance Framed

Lt. Steel is the head of SACT, an organization whose objective is to protoect Earth from aliens. 

Ben 10

In Framed, Lt. Steel attempts to stop Kevin on various opputunities. Later, at the San Francisco bridge, Ben, as Four Arms, battles Kevin. Kevin later mutates. Lt. Steel then orders his team to shoot Kevin and he is shot into the ocean.

In Perfect Day, during the dream, a fake Lt. Steel informs Ben that the Grandpa Max and Gwen who say they are real, are really Limax sent by Vilgax. After Ben fails to believe him, Lt. Steel turns into Enoch.