Vital statistics
Species Limax
Homeworld Unknown
Powers Shapeshifting
Heat resistance
Body Type Blob
Voice Unknown
First Appearance Permanent Retirement
Thе Limax are villains that appear in Permanent Retirement .


Ben 10

Limax are green organisms that resemble blobs. They have orange eyes and pinkish organs floating inside of them.

Powers And Abilities

Limax can change their shape at will, which ranges from merely changing the shape of their blob to taking on the appearance of another being. They also have the ability to change their voices at will. Heat and fire make them stronger. Multiple Limax can merge into a single, larger Limax.


Water is lethal to a Limax, as it will dissolve them on contact. They would also be weakened in colder climates.

Ben 10

In the episode Permanent Retirement, they go to Aunt Vera's town and kidnap all of the residents. They then replace the residents by changing their shape. Their plan goes undiscovered until the Tennysons arrive to visit Vera and Ben begins to notice the old people doing weird things. His investigations lead him to uncover the Limax plot, which he then stops. The Limax are forced to leave without their food, and the old people are rescued.


Ben 10