Stinkfly OV ten

Ten year old lepidopterran.

Stinkfly OV two

A lepidopterran at age 16 in Omniverse

Lepidopterrans are a species of bug-like aliens from the planet Lepidopterra.
File:Stinkfly Lepidopterran.gif
Vital statistics
Species none
Homeworld Lepidopterra
Powers Shooting Slime
Poisonous Gas
Sharp Blade-like Tail
360° Vision
Blue Laser-like Beams
Body Type Insectoid
Voice none
First Appearance Washington B.C.


Lepidopterrans are olive-green bug-like aliens with 6 limbs. They have long bodies that end in a spiked tail. They have two pairs of pointy legs and one pair of arms with three fingers.Their heads are also green with four black stalks ending with green eyes(Orange in the original series), and crooked, sharp teeth. They have light green-ish wings.


Lepidopterrans have sharp, forked tails that can cut through steel. They can fly very fast and change direction very fast. They can fire streams of various liquids from the ducts of pollen in their eye stalks and there mouths. These liquids vary from flammable liquids, toxic liquids, or sticky gelly-like liquids.They also have tough exoskeletons.


Lepidopterrans are incapable of flying if they get water on their fragile wings. Similar to Swampfire/Methanosians, Lepidopterrans gives off a strong odor, which means that anything that can smell will be able to smell them.

Notable Lepidopterrans


  • Interestingly, young lepidopterrans have black pupils, while their 10 year old counterparts do not, yet any lepidopterrans older than 10 have pupils.