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Vital statistics
Species Krakken
Homeworld Unknown (possibly Earth)
Powers Water breathing
Enhanced strength
Body Type Sea monster
Voice Fred Tatasciore
First Appearance The Krakken

Тhe Krakken is a sea creature living in a lake. Its species is unknown.


Ben 10

The Krakken is a large, fish-like creature with grey skin. It has two blue eyes and two tentacles on its face. It has four legs with webbed toes and a long tail.


The Krakken is incredibly strong and fast. It can survive underwater and for some time outside of it. It can also use its tentacles to grab things.

Ben 10

In the episode, The Krakken , Jonah Melville takes two of its eggs. She had worked very hard to try and attack Jonah to get her eggs back. Eventually Ripjaws showed up and gave her eggs back so she could swim back home.


Ben 10