Omnipedia v10
Vital statistics
Homeworld Kinet
Powers Super speed
Super reflexes
Body Type Velociraptor
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Kinecelerans are a species of velociraptor-like aliens from the planet Kinet. we don't see many members until Alien Force and Omniverse.


Kinecelerans are slim, velociraptor-esque aliens. They have blue skin, black lines on their faces, pointed ankles and elbows, and balls on their feet. They usually wear some sort of head covering.


Kinecelerans are one of the fastest species on land. They can run at extremely high speeds and stop quickly. As a result of their speed, they have very good reflexes. Kinecelerans can recover from injuries faster than any other species. Kinecelerans have the ability to create tiny tornados by spinning and creating centrifugal force.


Kinecelerans do not do well on non-solid substances such as mud, water or slippery ice, although XLR8 has been shown to be able to run across water but has a hard time moving on ice. Any sort of sticky adhesive will also stop kinecelerans from moving. A weakness that has been mentioned to disorientate Kinecelerans is magnets and charged up pulses, although this has never been shown in the show.

Notible Kinecelerans


  • Kinecelerans are said to be in a constant rush and are said to frequently act without thinking, although Helen,  the kincelerans that are friends with Ester, and the Kinecelerans living in Undertown do not show this.