Omnipedia v10
Vital statistics
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers None
Body Type Humanoid
Voice Jennifer Hale
First Appearance And Then There Were 10

Jamie is a 10-year-old boy that goes to Ben's school.


Jamie is short, with short black hair and circle shaped glasses. He wears a grey T-shirt and a dirty blue jacket.

Ben 10

Jamie makes his first appearance in the episode And Then There Were 10, where we see him getting bullied by J.T. and Cash . Ben tries to help save him but they both end up getting wedgies and hung from a tree. Dispite Ben at least trying to help him, Jamie

Jamie and Ben in And Then There Were 10

complains, saying not to play hero unless he can back it up.

He makes another appearance in the episode Goodbye and Good Riddance, where he is being bullied by J.T and Cash. Once again Ben tries to come to the rescue, but just ends up making a fool of himself, leaving Jamie to feel sorry.