Omnipedia v10
Vital statistics
Species Human
Homeworld Earth
Powers Magic

Charms Spells

Body Type Humanoid
Voice Khary Payton
First Appearance Lucky Girl

Hex is a villain introduced in Lucky Girl. His niece is Charmcaster, or Hope as revealed in Ultimate Alien. He has magical powers. He seems to be more of an enemy to Gwen rather than Ben. In Ultimate Alien, he seems to care alot about Charmcaster because he helped Gwen find her.


In the original series, Hex was 56 years old. He is very aged. His skin is white and he has black marks around his mouth. He wears a red robe. In Don't Drink The Water, Hex starts to age more. He drinks the immortal water and becomes young. He looks like a younger version of himself. At the end of episode, Hex is even younger, around 4. In Alien Force, after 5 years, Hex is 61. He doesn't look much different but his costume is. In Ultimate Alien, he looks exactly the same, but he is 62.

Powers And Abilities

Hex is a vastly skilled magician that can manipulate the forces of magic for many feats. Such as levitation, manipulating energy for blasts and shields, telekinesis, clairvoyance, elemental control (fire, lightning, earth, etc.), bringing inanimate objects to life, teleportation, summoning stone creatures, etc.

Hex usually channels his powers through his staff, which can only be used by a "master magician".

Hex briefly possessed the Charms of Baz-El before Gwen destroyed them.

In addition to his magical abilities, Hex is also very agile.

Ben 10

In Lucky Girl, Hex attempts to steal a book of spells from a museam, however XLR8 shows up to save everyone and defeat Hex. Meanwhile Gwen steals on of Hex's charms of Bazel. When Hex wakes up in an ambulance he floats back to the museum to get the book of spells, and once he gets it he notices one of his charms missing. While walking down the street Hex sees a new report about Lucky Girl, and he sees her wearing his charm. Hex lures Lucky Girl in by trapping citizens inside a mansion. He then attacks Lucky Girl and steals the charm back. However, Four Arms shows up and smashes Hex to the ground. Hex then uses his magic to bring to life three statues which were eventually defeated by Four Arms. Hex was then defeated and trapped in a stone coften until the police showed up.


Ben 10

  • Lucky Girl
  • Tough Luck
  • Don't Drink The Water

Ben 10: Alien Force

  • Time Heals

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • The Enemy Of My Frenemy
  • Night Of The Living Nightmare