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Galvan Mark II, also known as Galvan prime, is the rebuilt home world of the galvans.

Planet Information

Galvan Prime is one of the most scientifically advanced planets in the galaxy. It is filled with tiny skyscrapers and green lakes. In UAF there is no natural structures to be seen, but in OV there are rocks, lakes and even plants all around. Orbiting Galvan prime is Galvan B, its moon, home to the galvanic mechamorphs. The planet has firewalls to prevent a viral invasion, like when Malware attacked.

Galvan prime

Before Galvan mark II there was Galvan Prime. It was pretty much the same as Galvan Mark II is, but it was destroyed by the highbreed, and then rebuilt into Galvan Mark II by the galvans.


  • Omnivoracious(extinct)
  • Azmuth


  • It has been stated by Derrick J. Wyatt that the form of government on Galvan prime is a Technocracy
  • Although it was rebuilt into Galvan Mark II, The galvan

    A group of galvans (including azmuth) in a galvan city.

    Home world is still referred to as Galvan Prime.