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Episode Information
Series Ben 10
Season 2
Number 16
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Number Overall 16
Writer Thomas Pugsley
Air Date May 31, 2006
Next Episode Gwen 10
Previous Episode The Big Tick

Framed is the sixteenth episode of Ben 10


The trio are seen in a line. Ben wanted to buy a sumo slammers video game. Gwen is annoyed by the long line, so she goes with Max to a library. After they leave, the line is now empty, but they see Four Arms attacking. They are shocked and they think it's Ben. The Special Alien Containment Team arrive and they were about to shoot Four Arms. Despite Gwen trying to stop them, they shoot anyway. However, Four Arms leaps in the air escapes.

Kevin rages as Four Arms

In the Rust Bucket, Gwen is furious about Ben's actions. However, he insists it was not him. To prove it, he goes in the city and searches for clues. He finds Four Arms in an alley and chases him. They enter a money making building. Gwen and Max also enter. They find Heatblast. Gwen, thinking it was Ben, tells Heatblast to stop. She then discovers it is not him, and he is about to attack her, but Diamondhead saves her. They then begin to fight. Diamondhead asks who Heatblast is, and he reveals that he is Kevin. He explains that he can be all of Ben's aliens but can only stay human for a short time. The police then come and Kevin escapes as Stinkfly. Ben is left to deal with them, but he escapes. After he escapes, he re unites with Gwen and Max. They meet Lt. Steel, who is suspicous of the Omnitrix.

Wildmutt attempts to stop Kevin

On their way back home, they find that Kevin as Upgrade was controlling a train. Ben turns into Wildmutt. Kevin escapes the train and it is approaching an end and it is about to fall into the sea. However, Max and Wildmutt save it. It is also seen that SACT were watching them.

Later, Max and Gwen pick up Ben after the train incident. Lt. Steel also arrives to arrest them. Before he can do so, he recieves a message saying that a crystal alien was attacking.

When Lt. Steel tries to attack Kevin, he is beaten up. Four Arms then confronts Kevin, who is now Heatblast. After they fight, Four Arms was about to leave but Kevin mutates. Kevin almost killed Ben but Lt. Steel and SACT saved him. 

Kevin attacks Lt. Steel

Kevin's mutation

As the trio drove off, Lt. Steel stops them and thanks them. The ocean is then seen with bubbles. 

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