Clancy is a mutated man/insect villain who first appears in Side Effects.


Before he is mutated, he has blue skin, and dark blue hair. he wore a black shirt with blue pants and a brown coat. He also had a black hood covering his head. 


Clancy has the abillity to control all kinds of bugs. As he moves his hands around, the different insects will do what he commands. 

Ben 10

He makes his first appearance in Side Effects where he is attacking two construction workers because they want to tear apart his house. He later appears with a bunch of wasps in China Town as he uses his wasps to scare away all of the citizens. He then uses them to pick up the Council Woman and decides to bring her home so he can eat her because she is the one behind the construction workers tearing down his home. When he gets to his house, he covers the coincilwoman in black widows and explains to her about his home. When Four Arms and the others show up to save her, Clancy summons his bugs to attack them. However, when ants start to attack Four Arms, it makes him itch which causes him to jump all over the place destroying Clancy's building. After the building collapses, Clancy comes up saying he will exterminate the entire city as he summons his wasps to pick him up and fly him somewhere else. He appears to have gone to a nuclear plant to set a meltdown which will exterminate the city. When Ben shows up, he covers himself in a suit of cockroaches to shield himself from the nuclear blast. When Ben goes Heatblast to fight Clancy, he sends hornets to go after Gwen and Max. Clancy then throws Heatblast around until Heatblast learns he can shoot ice by accidentally shooting an ice ball at Clancy. Clancy then pushed Heatblast out a window into the room with the reactor. When Clancy goes to attack Heatblast, he ends up getting frozen when Heatblast creates a massive freeze blast. Later, Clancy somehow escapes his frozen prison and stops the Rust Bucket while its driving away. He then enters and attacks Max Tennyson. However, when Ben throws his medicine out the window, all of the bugs go after it leaving Clancy weak and vulnerable. Max then punches Clancy, knocking him out until the police show up.