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Acid Breath is one of the members in the Circus Freak Trio who first appears in Last Laugh.


Acid Breath wears clothes similar to zombozo. He wears all black with yellow stripes on his arms. His head seems to be long height wise. He has long black hair and ear peircings. He also has one red eye and one black eye, and he his teeth and gums are all rotten.


He appears to be the leader of the Circus Freak Trio. Like his name suggests, Acid Breath can shoot acid out of his mouth. He can breath it as two different forms, a liquid acid or a gas. 

Ben 10

He makes his debut in Last Laugh where he and the other Circus Freaks, are working for Zombozo. He is first presented shooting acid at a pipe as a preformer for Zombozo's circus. In the episode he and the other circus freaks are robbing a store but they are attacked by Wildmutt. Lucky for him Zombozo shows up to save them and defeat Wildmutt. Later he helps the circus freaks guard the circus when he is attacked by Upgrade who has merged with a baseball machine. He is easily defeated when shot in the mouth with a baseball.